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We offer weekly classes for beginner skaters and those who can already skate and want to learn more. We are passionate skaters and are all about sharing our experiences. These classes aim at becoming a stronger skater, improving your balance and learning new moves.
The classes start with a warming up, doing basic moves and balance exercises, followed by learning dance steps and small choreos. We provide a safe space to practice for skaters of any age and level.


Contact us for more information or book a class online.

We host our Weekly classes at Mirror Centre Amsterdam Muiderpoort, Ter Gouwstraat 1  Saturdays from 12.00-14.00

The Journey of Roller Skating

Learning to dance on wheels is a personal journey,  involving goals and determination, practice and self discipline. That said, our classes are always fun and everyone is in the same boat, giving their best in pursuit of their personal achievements!

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