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A party for all Disco Queens and Kings!

  • From 8 years and up, Between 10-20 guest

  • Inclusive Rental Skate (size 32-45)

  • Workshop with 2 Skate Instructors

  • You can bring your own drinks and snacks or cake

Celebrate your Birthday with Skate Heroes!

We start the party by putting on our skates. First, we take time to play and get comfortable on wheels. We teach you the basic moves and steps on the best tunes! There will be a break for drinks and the cake/gift moment. Then we continue with more dances and games. This Party takes 2 hours and costs about €25,- per person. 

Contact us for more information and availability  We host our private events at Mirror Centre Amsterdam Oost, Ter Gouwstraat 1 



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